Will The Fleebaggers Flee Again?

A Wisconsin judge has issued a temporary restraining order against the new collective-bargaining reform law, saying that it didn’t meet the open meetings law, which requires 24 hours notice. This would seem to be a shaky ruling, because the Clerk of the Senate has already said that the way the law was enacted was legal. However, one of the legal eagles over at The Volokh Conspiracy says that all they will need to do if the eventual ruling is to strike down the law is to re-enact the law, which they can do now that they have a quorum.

The Fleebaggers originally fled to keep the State Senate from having a quorum, since they need 20 for a quorum, and the GOP only holds 19 seats. So, are the Fleebaggers now packing their bags and preparing to flee again, to prevent a quorum?


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2 responses to “Will The Fleebaggers Flee Again?”

  1. 49erDweet says :

    Don’t mean to pick a nit but that report tends to confuse two items. Number 2, the “quorum” referred to in WI is a super-quorum required for certain types of bills having to do with financials. Other bills voted on during regularly scheduled sessions of the legislature, which these were, normally only require approval by a majority of those actually in attendance. So Fleebaggers being gone had no impact on that. There are other rules for special sessions, etc., but that shouldn’t apply here.

    Number 1 was a technical issue claiming non-compliance with WI’s open meeting notice law, and the ruling authority – in the legislature – has already ruled on that, so the judge is merely being a troublemaker and stalling for time. The fastest and easiest way for them to overcome that is to take the vote again and then serve notice to that particular court that’s what they’ve done. That cures the alleged defect and trumps the judge.

    • Conservative Wanderer says :

      Excellent points, and you’re right, I was conflating the two issues (I’d honestly forgotten that the quorum only applied to financial bills).

      However, the Dems are so desperate to stop this, they’ll probably try anything that they think has the slimmest possibility of success… like this lawsuit, since as we’ve both pointed out, all they gotta do is pass the law again. So fleebagging again seems to be a possibility.

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