Pawlenty’s In

Looks like T-Paw has just tossed his hat into the ring.

Long hinting that he will run for president, Pawlenty announced on Facebook that he has established an exploratory committee.

Check out his video here:

It’s a cinematography familiar to those who’ve seen Pawlenty’s recent videos on his YouTube channel — — except it’s the first production paid for by The Pawlenty For President Exploratory Committee.

The 1-minute, 55-second video consists of a rousing soundtrack with quick images of iconic “middle America,” from the former governor shaking hands with a greasy-handed assembly plant worker to a farmhouse as seen from a passing car window. Additionally, there are numerous alternating shots of Pawlenty donning hockey gear playing with regular folks and donning Carhardt or flannel talking with regular folks — images that he has appeared eager to cultivate.

Pawlenty’s words are — not-unsurprisingly given the purpose of the brief message — short on policy specifics but laced with general Republican philosophy, from the need for smaller government to the need to help small businesses. References to Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan — de rigeur for Republicans these days — and Abraham Lincoln are included, and he refers to the closing of the stockyards in his native South St. Paul, as historical images flash, as well as images of what appear to be St. Paul’s Ford plant.

Personally, I think T-Paw would make a much better POTUS than the current one. But then, that’s not a high bar… Elmer Fudd would probably be better than the current POTUS, if he could be convinced to take time off from wabbit hunting to campaign, and if people would vote for him despite his speech impediment.


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2 responses to “Pawlenty’s In”

  1. 49erDweet says :

    The key for Elmer’s success as POTUS is how adaptable the teleprompter would be to his height. Once that were worked out, the rest would be a s-s-s-s-s-snap.

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