Your Feel-Good Japanese Story For Today

Some US Navy personnel surprised some Japanese with some unexpected food and water supplies.

From the size of the shipment, I’d say this is something these sailors scrounged together and delivered on their own, not part of any organized US effort. All the same, these sailors deserve both our thanks and that of the Japanese people who received it.

Brian Preston offers some more insights:

You’ll see an older Japanese man a little ways into the clip, speaking to the camera. What he says is, essentially, that the townspeople had no idea the Americans were coming or bringing them anything.  There was no announcement or anything about it. Which is true. Between the destroyed roads and the radiation fears, hardly anyone can even get to the Sendai area. But these US pilots did.

You’ll also see, near the end of the clip, a group of older men watching as the Navy man stacks boxes of supplies from the helicopter on the tarmac. They’re standing still watching him because they’re stunned. That plus the language barrier puts them in a position where they just don’t know what to do. But you can see one of them making little gestures with his hands, as if in prayer. That’s a sign of very deep respect and gratitude.

If you want to donate yourself to help these people out, I again recommend Samaritan’s Purse. Yes, they’re a Christian organization, but that certainly hasn’t stopped them from helping these mostly Buddhist and Shinto people who desperately need all the help they can get.


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