Here’s A Radical Idea: Restrict School Superintendents’ Salary To That Of The Governor

And yet that proposal is actually getting pushback:

Everything’s bigger in Texas – so the saying goes. It especially rings true for super-sized public school superintendent salaries in the Lone Star State. The Texas Association of School Boards and the Texas Association of School Administrators are sponsoring the rally on March 30 at the Capitol.

This week, hundreds of school board members and superintendents will rally in Austin opposing any cuts to education funding in Texas.

TASB has said that as many as 100,000 teaching jobs must be cut in order to make up for the $9 billion in proposed state education funding cuts.

We disagree. School districts have ample room to make cuts on spending outside of the classroom, without eliminating teaching positions or short-changing students.

In Texas, 214 superintendents take home an annual salary more than the Governor of Texas, whose salary is set at $150,000 a year. If superintendents in Texas were paid no more than the Governor, schools would save $20 million each biennium.


Beaumont ISD has less than 20,000 students enrolled in the district, yet is home to the highest-paid superintendent in the state. Dr. Carrol Thomas takes home an annual base salary of $347,834. That is two-and-a-half times more than what the governor of our state earns!

So why should a school superintendent make twice what the governor does? The responsibilities of the governor are far heavier than that of a school superintendent, and that’s not arguable.

But, of course, the usual defenders of pigs in the public trough are trying to keep this common-sense proposal from being enacted, because it would dry up their political warchest.


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