Your Tax Dollars At Work: $600,000 Fairy And Gurgling Toad Sculpture

Are we sure this is what we really need to be spending our federal tax dollars on right now?

A $600,000 frog sculpture that lights up, gurgles “sounds of nature” and carries a 10-foot fairy girl on its back could soon be greeting Defense Department employees who plan to start working at the $700 million Mark Center in Alexandria, Va. this fall. That is unless a new controversy over the price tag of the public art doesn’t torpedo the idea.


According to the Corps, the artwork was the city’s idea. A city official, however, said that Alexandria officials didn’t demand art, but just asked that public artwork be included in the structure. What’s more, the official said that the $600,000 is federal money, and that no Alexandria funds will pay for the art.

Just wait, some Democrat is gonna try to defend this spending as necessary for national security.


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One response to “Your Tax Dollars At Work: $600,000 Fairy And Gurgling Toad Sculpture”

  1. 49erDweet says :

    I have four thoughts:
    #1 That salary is too low. Should be almost $200K for a state that size with that economy. [If economy slips so should salary].
    #2 State law should prohibit paying any other person receiving a public entity salary in that state from receiving a higher salary. Perks should also be controlled/limited, and title to perk properties and goodies should always vest with the entity. [They are only on loan].
    #3 Public entity base salaries for lower ranking employees should be proportionately lower. Always. As part of this arrangement employees classified as administrative or managerial will never receive overtime, but must take comp time off instead. Which [comp time] cannot accumulate over six months or past the end of the fiscal year, whichever comes later. [For fairness sake]
    #4 Public entities paying overtime to any employee which reaches the level of 60% of their base salary for any fiscal year must automatically add another qualified staff member to their table of authorizations [deemed a legally required increase in staffing] and are barred from paying more than 10% of base pay overtime to the same employee for the next two fiscal years.

    Won’t solve all the problems but would go along way toward rebooting the concept of public service and their unions.

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