Whining Conservatives

Okay, so apparently we have a budget deal for 2011, and it does include some real cuts. So why are some conservatives whining?

It’s probably, as Jim Treacher observed in a comment on PJM, that the perfect is the enemy of the good.

We’ve gotten spoiled in our modern age, with coffee available without getting out of your car in just a few minutes, overnight shipping, instant online messages and emails, text messages and cell phones. We’ve lost track of the fact that some things just take time, and can’t be done all at once.

It took the lefties over 50 years to build up this socialist system, and they did it one piece at a time. Some of the pieces were bigger, some were smaller, but they kept building and kept the end firmly in sight. We are by no means going to dismantle it in 5 weeks or 5 months, and perhaps not even in 5 years! We need to take it apart piece by piece, and there will be occasional setbacks.

And we have made a very good start… not, to paraphrase the famous Brit, the end, nor even the beginning of the end, but likely the end of the beginning. Paul Ryan and John Boehner have successfully changed the debate from “to cut or not to cut” to “what do we cut and how much.” That is a huge step, given that most, if not all, of leftism was–and still is–pushing back against us.

So let’s quit crying, “WAAAAH! We didn’t get EVERYTHING!” Get it through your head that this is going to be a very long fight, and we will sometimes have to settle for small victories. Better small victories than small–or large–defeats, though, and if we demoralize our front-line fighters like Ryan and Boehner by demanding that they win the entire war in one skirmish, we won’t even get small victories, cause they’ll ask themselves why they should even try if their own people aren’t gonna be satisfied with anything less than 110% success.

In short, chill, people!


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2 responses to “Whining Conservatives”

  1. 49erDweet says :

    Yeah, I think you’re right. The fact that it went to the last hour before the lefties gave in, and that Teh One claims credit for fixing it is extremely telling. It is the end of the beginning. The onus is on the Dems, and much is possible in the future if we keep plugging away.

    • Conservative Wanderer says :

      Not to mention that now Reid and Obama look like the ones digging their heels in, and Ryan and Boehner look like the reasonable people willing to compromise to solve the problem. That may not play well with some political wonks, but I suspect that out there in the wide world where people don’t read blogs daily, that makes Ryan and Boehner look pretty darned good.

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