Even Skewed Polling Can’t Lift Obama’s Approval Rating

As most regular readers know, I am a confirmed skeptic of polling. One of the reasons is that the samples are frequently heavily skewed in the favor of the Democrats. Now come two polls on the same day that demonstrate that skew, but even that can’t lift Obama’s approval rating over 50%.

The first poll, from ABC News and the Washington Post, has Obama’s approval rating at 47%:

In the survey, 47 percent approve of the job Obama is doing, down seven points since January. Half of all Americans disapprove of his job performance, with 37 percent saying they “strongly disapprove,” nearly matching the worst level of his presidency.

Driving the downward movement in Obama’s standing are renewed concerns about the economy and fresh worry about rising prices, particularly for gasoline. Despite signs of economic growth, 44 percent of Americans see the economy as getting worse, the highest percentage to say so in more than two years.

The toll on Obama is direct: 57 percent disapprove of the job the president is doing dealing with the economy, tying his highest negative rating when it comes to the issue. And the president is doing a bit worse among politically important independents.

However, the poll gives a 10 point edge to Democrats:

Let’s take a look at the sample, shall we?  In January, when the WaPo/ABC survey gave Obama a 54% approval rating, it came from a sample with a 10-point edge for Democrats, with a D/R/I of 33/23/38.  Their pollster apparently never bothered to pay attention to Gallup or Rasmussen on party affiliation, both of whom show dead heats between the two parties, with Rasmussen showing a slight edge to Democrats this month, 35.3% to 34.0%.  Today’s WaPo/ABC sample is just as ludicrous as last December at 32/22/41, which I’d remind people is three points wider than Barack Obama’s popular-vote margin of victory in 2008 — and that included independents and crossover Republicans.

Get that… even with a 10-point advantage to his own party, Obama’s approval is still below 50%!

Confirmation that Obama is in deep doo-doo comes from a Marist/McClatchy poll with similarly skewed numbers:

When it comes to Mr. Obama’s overall job performance, voters remain tepid.  Currently, 44% of registered voters approve of how the president is doing in office compared with 49% who disapprove.  Six percent are unsure.

And the partisan split?

Its sample has a +8 advantage for Democrats with a D/R/I of 35/27/36, which oversamples Democrats at the expense of the GOP.

Again, an 8-point edge, and Obama can’t break the 50% barrier.

And yet this overweening narcissist is still spitting in the face of the majority of the nation. If this keeps up, I doubt Obama will ever see 50% approval again.


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One response to “Even Skewed Polling Can’t Lift Obama’s Approval Rating”

  1. 49erDweet says :

    Hidden midst the misrepresented numbers problem is even the R/I voters they sample are frequently out of the mainstream. In other words R/Is in name, only. How many Tea Baggers do you think the DNC house pollsters knowingly query. Not many. Once identified they’re dropped like hot potatoes. The left does not seem to truly want to know time is short and their world will soon end. It’s as if they deliberately keep themselves in the dark.

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