Issa Threatens Contempt Proceedings Over Gunwalking

I would say that The Honorable Representative Darrell Issa has just about had it with Department of Justice and Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco stonewalling, according to this letter obtained by The Daily Caller.

“We are not conducting a concurrent investigation with the Department of Justice, but rather an independent investigation of the Department of Justice,” Issa says in his April 20 letter, citing three historical examples of congressional oversight of Justice Department investigations, including during the Teapot Dome scandal in 1922.

He’s threatening contempt proceedings if the documents aren’t forthcoming soon. I daresay he’ll follow through on that threat, too.


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2 responses to “Issa Threatens Contempt Proceedings Over Gunwalking”

  1. 49erDweet says :

    More power to him. Hope the JD doesn’t have anything to hold over him.

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