Supreme Court Denies Expedited Review of ObamaCare

The Supreme Court says, in effect, that the cases against ObamaCare have to take the normal path, through the appellate courts:

Choosing, for now, to remain on the sidelines of the national constitutional debate over the new health care law, the Supreme Court refused on Monday to put Virginia’s challenge to the law on a fast track with review by the Justices ahead of any appeals court decisions.  There were no dissents noted, and there was no comment. The Court granted no new cases.  (The full Order List is here.)

The legal side of the health care controversy will now revert to six federal courts of appeals where challenges are unfolding; the first hearing in one of those cases will be May 10 at the Fourth Circuit Court in Richmond, Va.

This isn’t really as much of a blow as it would appear, there’s still plenty of time for at least one case to work its way through the appellate courts and to SCOTUS before the 2012 elections.

H/T Volokh


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