T-Paw Drills Obama Hard On Drilling

Looks like the quiet Midwesterner is starting to catch the fire in the belly:

Likely GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty is using rising gas prices to poke holes in President Obama’s energy policy.

The former Minnesota governor, like other GOP hopefuls, said Monday that the Obama administration should ramp up domestic oil drilling to reduce prices at the pump, which are approaching $4 per gallon on average nationally.

“This is a president who has sat on his hands as it relates to drilling,” he said on WLS Radio in Chicago. “You know, we’ve got a country that’s got some enormous energy assets that are not being exploited or leveraged to the benefit of our country and to our people.”

He’s right, you know, as… er… someone… cough, cough… pointed out not too long ago.

…President Obama could very easily lower gas prices, just by telling his employees to stop the permitorium that’s keeping us from drilling for our own oil right here in the US. But he isn’t.

So now you know who to blame.



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