Quick Thoughts On Osama’s Demise

So, Bin Ladin finally went to his eternal reward… or punishment. What’s that mean for America in 2012?

First, we can expect more attempted terror attacks, and the chances are unfortunately good that one will get through. Security, after all can’t be perfect, and you can stop 99 attacks and miss the 100th. Al Qaeda and the other Islamoterrorist groups have to both prove that they are still a force in the world and take revenge for our killing OBL.

Second, the effect on the upcoming election will probably be minimal. In the first place, there’s the aforementioned attacks, which–if one is successful–will lead to a sense of, “we got Bin Ladin, why are we still being attacked?” which will itself lead to a realization that Bin Ladin wasn’t the real issue, Islamic terrorism is.

In the second place (call it point 2B), it’s been nearly 10 years since OBL became a big name, and in that time, he’s faded quite a bit. I expect that any good feeling that redounds to BHO because of OBL’s demise will also fade quickly.

In the third place (2C), as much as BHO wanted to take credit (I didn’t see/hear the speech, but I am told it contained a lot of “I” in it), this really is the culmination of a plan that GHWB put into effect, and this is just the end result of that plan. BHO did not, to my knowledge, make any major change that would have caused them to suddenly get OBL… if I am wrong, please note it in the comments–with evidence, of course, not just your unsupported word.

In the fourth place (2D), in Presidential elections, people tend to vote their wallet. Given that the price of gas, food, and lots of other things are rising, and unemployment seems stuck near or above double digits, and that BHO’s policies almost certainly won’t fix any of those and will probably make them worse, “BHO got OBL” will likely be a very low priority for voters in November 2012,

All in all, congrats to our brave men and women in uniform who finally killed this monster. Politically, it won’t change much, tho.


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One response to “Quick Thoughts On Osama’s Demise”

  1. 49erDweet says :

    1. Agree
    2A. Agree
    2B. Right
    2C. Again you are right, EXCEPT that fairness dictates we acknowledge in this brief instance Obama acted “presidential”, which is a pleasant change from his normal behavior. But not surprisingly he could only stand doing that during the run-up and the operation, not during the telling of it afterward. For the TV show and tell he reverted to his true nature. He couldn’t be Obama if he acknowledged in any way a successful course set earlier by a predecessor.
    2D. Agree.

    Another question is just how this will play with his base 60 days hence. Now they’re euphoric, but over time more and more elites will possibly find something about this kinetic action pie to pick at. Down the road this might prove interesting.

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