The Future Under ObamaCare: Waiting Lines For Mass. Doctors Getting Worse

David Axelrod once stated quite categorically that MassCare (sometimes called RomneyCare) was “a template” for ObamaCare, and Mitt Romney himself defended the individual mandate as recently as last month, so is this any surprise?

BOSTON — If you thought the wait time to see a doctor was getting longer, you’re right. The latest survey from the Massachusetts Medical Society shows that finding an appointment in six of seven specialties is either harder this year or no better than last.

If you’re a new patient and want to see a family physician, about half of all practices aren’t taking anyone new. If you have a public insurance plan, such as Medicare and Medicaid, then you may have some additional trouble receiving care.

The report has serious implications for health care costs in the state, the doctors group said, because patients unable to see a primary care physician are likely to seek more expensive emergency room treatment.

“Massachusetts has made great strides in securing insurance coverage for its citizens,” said the MMA’s president, Dr. Alice Coombs, referring to the state’s landmark 2006 universal health insurance law. “But insurance coverage doesn’t equal access to care.”

Let me highlight that last statement from Dr. Coombs:

“But insurance coverage doesn’t equal access to care.”

And even for those who already have a doctor, there are longer waits:

Even for patients fortunate enough to have a primary care doctor, waits for appointments continued to be lengthy. The average wait for an appointment with an internist was 48 days, which was five days shorter than last year, but the average wait for family medicine was 36 days, a week longer than in the 2010 survey.

Patients were also waiting longer to see specialists. The average wait for gastroenterologists, obstetricians/gynecologists, orthopedic surgeons and cardiologists were all higher than a year ago, the report said.

This is pretty much what all the conservative commentators said would happen under government-run healthcare, and it’s what we can expect if ObamaCare isn’t repealed.

Given Romney’s defense of the individual mandate, though, can we really expect him to sign a repeal bill if he becomes President?

I don’t wanna take that chance. I will not be supporting Mitt in the primaries, due primarily to RomneyCare.


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