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Now, for something that’s been rolling around in my little grey cells for a while now: The Gingrich Meltdown.

If one looks at everything that he’s said and tried to spin in the last week or so, one would probably get whiplash. First Ryan’s plan was “right wing social engineering,” then he called to apologize to Ryan, then he tried saying it wasn’t about Ryan or his plan at all… which begs the questions, (a) if you weren’t talking about Ryan’s plan, what were you talking about, and (b) why did you call to apologize to Ryan if it wasn’t about Ryan?

Then there’s the individual mandate thing, on which he’s got a similar problem to Romney… first it’s good, then it’s bad. Flip-flopping like that is bad enough, but doing it on one of the Tea Party’s hot-button issues is pretty close to politically suicidal.

What it all boils down to is this: Newt is reacting like a Washington DC insider who’s scared of letting a little power out of his hands. His attitude is that the little people can’t be trusted with their own decisions, they need the Ruling Class to made decisions for them. In the current political climate, after 2+ years of Obama ramming every federal power-grab he can through by whatever means necessary, that’s not just politically suicidal, that’s just plain stupid.

One more reason to think that Gingrich may not be as super-intelligent as some would have us believe (and, remember, there are those that say the same about Obama) is that he hasn’t yet learned what I call the First Rule of Holes: When you find yourself in one, stop digging! Instead, Newt and his spokespeople have been valiantly trying to dig themselves ever deeper.

Newt, the guy that stopped you in that Iowa hotel was right… you should get out of the race right now, before you embarrass yourself further. You’ve got about a snowball’s chance in Hades of getting the nomination now, all you’ll do by pursuing it is waste time, energy, money, and your rapidly dwindling supply of political capital.


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