Pawlenty’s Iowa Gamble

It looks like T-Paw has not only thrown his hat in the big Presidential Ring, he’s also thrown the dice on a big crapshoot right at the start of his campaign: talking about ending ethanol subsidies… in IOWA!

This is an immense gamble for the midwesterner. If he comes across as someone who’s really serious about getting our fiscal house in order, it could pay very big dividends to him. However, if the Iowans get upset about him pulling the Federal Trough away, he’s in deep trouble right at the start of the campaign. I don’t know if he has a strategy for winning the nomination after losing Iowa, but politics is largely about perception, and if he starts off perceived as a loser… well, you can probably figure the rest on your own.

In short, T-Paw will likely sink or swim depending on how he did with that speech today in Iowa.

Watch for yourself.


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