Bad News For IPAB

USA Today did their best to bury it–it doesn’t even appear on their main Opinion page–but a big gun in the healthcare debate has weighed in on the Medicare Independent Payment Advisory Board, and finds it worth repealing:

We all agree that Medicare costs must be contained and that the payment system is flawed and needs to be replaced. But simply cutting reimbursements is not the answer. IPAB brings unpredictability and uncertainty to providers and has the potential for stifling innovation and collaboration.

The threat of reduced payments is the least imaginative option and most unlikely to result in the kind of heath care we know seniors and all Americans deserve.

Now, I am sure you think that some conservative wrote that.

You’d be wrong. The author is a Democrat.

And not just any Democrat:

Rep. Allyson Y. Schwartz, D-Pa., is a former health care executive who helped draft and support the health reform law signed by President Obama.

I’d say if even she is against IPAB, its days may be numbered.


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