Obama Advisor Jarrett Helped Jesse Lee Propose To Nita “General Betray-Us” Chaudhary

And the saga of Jesse Lee keeps getting more embarrassing for President Obama:

I’m told that senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett quietly helped a fellow aide, White House online guru Jesse Lee, hatch a plan to propose to his Indian-American girlfriend at the glitzy state dinner festivities yesterday.

But, as so much else does in the White House, the plans went awry due to unforseen events and had to be hastily reworked on the spot.

When the state dinner honoring the prime minister of India was first announced, Lee quietly approached Jarrett and asked for her help in laying a plan to propose to his girlfriend at the dinner. The venue was particularly meaningful because Lee’s girlfriend, Nita Chaudhary, a top official at MoveOn, is from an esteemed Indian family that includes the former foreign secretary of India.

I wonder if Lee realized the first negative news stories he’d have to deal with were gonna be about him?


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