DNC Chair: Republicans Want To Make Crime Illegal!

Debbie Wasserman Schultz demonstrates her grasp of doublespeak:

“We have 12 million undocumented immigrants in this country that are part of the backbone of our economy and this is not only a reality but a necessity,” she said. “And that it would be harmful–the Republican solution that I’ve seen in the last three years is that we should just pack them all up and ship them back to their own countries and that in fact it should be a crime and we should arrested them all.”

Gee, one might think that illegal immigrants were… well… breaking the law!


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One response to “DNC Chair: Republicans Want To Make Crime Illegal!”

  1. 49erDweet says :

    Since the DNC and Ms. Wasserman Schultz have zero interest in resolving this issue “equitably”, [after all, why look a gift horse in the mouth, and all?] responding to her with logic and reasonableness will avail nothing. Our betters choose to believe the GOP hates “wet-backs” and that’s it. Next question, please.

    To be told that what conservatives really hate are repeated episodes of lying, cheating, sneaky dirty-dog politicians who promise anything but refuse to provide a means to control our borders – and our safety? – and finishing up that question before we will consider discussing ANY humanitarian means of mitigating the personal and family disasters pending that will be needed to clean up this situation – one THEY created – is a fact of life liberals are not mature enough to understand,

    And so, as dear Debbie is doing once again, in order to maintain their courage they scream out loud every time they’re forced to run past the graveyard of what the
    world they created has become. “The GOP hates Mexicans, The GOP hates Mexicans.” Makes them feel better. Solves nothing.

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