Dr. Sanity, The Left, And The Left’s Narcissism

Dr. Sanity has posted part 2 of her essays on “The Political Left And The Seven Deadly Sins Of Narcissism,” and as usual, it’s worth reading. Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite (emphasis in original):

The psychological defect in malignant narcissism is a broken or distorted sense of one’s SELF. The excessive self-esteem and swaggering arrogance that you see in a typical bully comes from a distortion of reality that person has with regard to their own self. It was once widely believed that low self-esteem was a cause of violence–and you see that idea reflected today in the platitudes and rationalizations for terrorism or any destructive behavior– but, the reality is that most violent individuals, groups and nations think very well of themselves.

The triumvarate of cognitive contradictions promulgated by today’s narcissistic left, and which claim to be based on “scientific” psychology includes the hyping of (1) self-esteem (i.e., increasing your self-worth without having to achieve anything; (2) hope (i.e., achieving your goals without any real effort) and (3) victimhood (i.e.,it’s not your fault that you haven’t achieved anything or made any effort).

Read the whole thing, as usual.


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