Lefties And Enabling Lefty Lies

Apparently some lefties just can’t admit that Weiner actually did send the… er… weiner pic (link to PJ Tatler coverage of the “Cannonfire” post–I won’t give the lefty the benefit of the hits).

Thus, Weiner made the most amazing confession conceivable: That he just sent a crotch shot out of the blue to someone he did not know. Worse, he used Twitter — which places all images on public display, even when sent as a direct message. (The example here proves the point; that painting was sent by “Chalice” as a DM, yet it is also public.) Moreover, he did this incredible thing knowing full well that there were political enemies tracking his every move on Twitter.


I don’t believe that scenario. I accept every part of his confession except for the statement about the night of the 27th.

I wouldn’t believe that part if Weiner personally called me up and insisted.

Lots of guys have made incredibly dumb mistakes when thinking with their “downstairs” brain. Lord knows I have. But I’ve never encountered a sufferer from “testosterone poisoning” who has ever done anything quite that foolish. Even a private citizen would not (unless protected by anonymity) send out a crotch shot to a woman he did not know.

A congressman…?

My imagination is as good as anyone else’s, but my brain refuses to accept the possibility.

Again, that’s “Cannonfire” writing that, the Tatler is just repeating it.

So, what’s happening here is that Joseph Cannon (the guy behind Cannonfire) is admitting–even celebrating–that Weiner is lying! A false confession is, after all, a lie. And yet Cannon refuses to criticize the man that he admits is a liar.

That’s lefty loyalty for you. Joseph Cannon’s credibility should end up in the same place that Anthony Weiner’s is headed.


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