Whatever Happened To “If You Like Your Coverage, You Can Keep It”?

During the debate over ObamaCare, many people–including those of us on this here blog–said that employers would drop coverage in favor of the government plan. These concerns were poo-poohed by the pro-socialized-medicine lefties.

Turns out we were right and they were wrong:

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) — Once provisions of the Affordable Care Act start to kick in during 2014, at least three of every 10 employers will probably stop offering health coverage, a survey released Monday shows.

While only 7% of employees will be forced to switch to subsidized-exchange programs, at least 30% of companies say they will “definitely or probably” stop offering employer-sponsored coverage, according to the study published in McKinsey Quarterly.

I’m sure the lefty pencil-pushers had some formula that made them think that it wouldn’t happen… but then, lefty formulas are frequently wrong–like the one that said the stimulus would keep unemployment under 8%.

H/T: Weasel Zippers


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