Large Donors Returning To RNC

Well, this is definitely a hopeful sign for GOP prospects next year:

In a sign that major Republican donors are growing eager to dump President Obama and the Senate Democratic majority, the biggest spenders of the GOP—those writing checks $15,000 and higher—have contributed $7.062 million in the first six months of the year, according the officials.

The donations are a significant endorsement of the new leadership at the Republican National Committee and Chairman Reince Priebus, who in January replaced Michael Steele after two troubled years. According to internal tabulations, Priebus raised more in his first six months than Steele did over two years when he raised $7.02 million from major donors.

Analysts say that’s good news for Republicans and shows that donors and activists are starting to warm to the upcoming election, even though most of the GOP presidential candidates aren’t receiving much help major donors. In fact, over the weekend as Republicans revealed their latest fund-raising totals, much was made of the lack of help from big donors.

I think the reason that major donors aren’t flocking to the various candidates is because the field is just too crowded right now… after they thin out a little bit and people start to have a better idea who’s still gonna be standing after the convention, those checkbooks should start opening up.


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