Tapper vs. Carney On Default Or 2012 Debt Limit Vote

ABC’s Jake Tapper does the work that is all too rare in the Dinosaur Media these days and does his best to nail Obama Mouthpiece Jay Carney to the wall.

TAPPER:  The worst-case scenario here is a default, right?

CARNEY:  That is a bad scenario.  I’m not sure — I mean —

TAPPER:  Is it worse —

CARNEY:  You know, there are things you could anticipate. But I — yes.

TAPPER:  Is it worse than voting on the debt ceiling again next year?

CARNEY:  The uncertainty created by regular votes on whether or not, for the first time — you know, and if you think it’s — there’s — there are political —

TAPPER:  Weren’t there regular votes on raising the debt ceiling during the Bush years? 

CARNEY:  There are — well, but it had not — it had not become — look — yeah, boy, there were.  It’s funny that you should mention it, because — (laughter) —

Read the whole thing… Carney is really struggling to explain the inexplicable and defend the indefensible.


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