In Which I Praise Amazon

This isn’t politics-related, just an example of a company providing exceptional customer service that I thought should be noted publicly.

A couple of weeks ago–1 July, to be exact–I ordered an item from Amazon. It wasn’t that expensive, between $25 and 30, and because I wasn’t in a big hurry for it I specified their Free Super Saver Shipping. Because of the 4th of July weekend and the fact that free shipping is usually the slowest means out there, they gave me an estimated delivery date of the 11th.

The 11th came, no Amazon box. So, I waited a couple more days. No box. Gave it a couple more days. Still no box.

So, I went to the Amazon website and dropped them a line, saying the shipment was late. A couple of hours later, an email comes back, saying they were sorry it got lost, and would I like a replacement or a refund? Since the only thing I’d do with a refund is order the same item again, I asked for a replacement.

Overnight, they emailed me, saying that they were preparing a replacement shipment, and that they hoped it worked out better. Now, here’s the kicker… they upgraded the shipping, not just to standard or 2-day, but they’re shipping it 1-day, with an estimated arrival of Monday 18 July. I had thought that–at most–they’d up it to 2-day and would have bet on standard shipping (albeit with a different carrier so they could keep a better eye on it).

This is what I call exceptional customer service. My order is hardly large, and the loss of the package seems to have been the fault of the company that lost the shipment–our own gubment-owned-and-operated United States Postal Service–but Amazon went out of their way to get me the package as quickly as possible.

This is why I have shopped on Amazon for years, and why I’ll keep shopping there.


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