Finding Freedom With One’s Feet

Professor Jason Sorens takes a look at the effect of personal freedom on migration between the states. The blog post is full of facts, figures, and equations, but the bottom line is this:

What is relevant is that we now have pretty sophisticated evidence showing that economic freedom both increases economic growth in the states (implying that freer economies are more efficient) and attracts people, and that personal freedom also attracts people. Economic freedom does not appear to attract people by generating business growth, since income growth is not associated with more in-migration (surprisingly). It attracts people for its own sake (they want to pay less in taxes, most likely). Opponents of freedom as we define it are going to have to grapple with the consequences of the policies they advocate.

Indeed… this probably explains why California, New York, and Massachusetts (among other blue states) lost enough population to lose one or more Congressional seats in the coming reorganization.


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