Government Funded Healthcare Is Responsible For Growth of Government

That’s the decision of this report from Duke University scholar Christopher Conover, which starts with this statement:

Between 1966 and 2007, the entire increase in the size of government relative to the economy resulted from growth in tax-financed health spending.

Conover then proceeds to prove his point, with several charts and numerous links to primary sources. He concludes thus:

And instead of eradicating the upside-down subsidies endemic in the tax exclusion for employer-provided coverage, the new health plan not only retains these, but will create even more massive inequities by offering a worker lucky enough to get coverage through health exchanges literally thousands of dollars more in subsidies than if that identical worker remains stuck in an employer-based health plan. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, “government-funded healthcare isn’t the solution to the problem: it is the problem.” When will we ever learn?

Read the whole thing. Really.


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