Holder’s DOJ Takes Elderly Pro-Life Activist To Court

I guess the First Amendment doesn’t apply on a public sidewalk outside an abortion clinic:

A pro-life activist who has engaged in sidewalk counseling for 14 years has been taken to court by the federal Department of Justice.  The complaint to the court submitted by the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice alleges that Richard Retta non-violently obstructed a woman and her ‘clinic escorts’ from entering Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, an abortion facility.

I’ll admit here that the bit about the sidewalk is a surmise, but I think it has a strong foundation… if he was on Planned Parenthood property, they could get him on trespassing charges… since they aren’t, it seems logical to conclude that he’s on a public sidewalk when he speaks to people heading for the door.

It also seems odd that there aren’t any police reports for any assaults against these ladies, or even disturbing the peace, since the complaint alleges that he stepped on one lady’s foot and yells at women.

In short, there appears to be darned little evidence that he’s actually done anything wrong, other than to explain to women that there is an alternative to abortion. So, it looks right now like AG Holder is trying to force people not to tell women about these options by making an example of an elderly gentleman just sharing his deeply-held views.


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One response to “Holder’s DOJ Takes Elderly Pro-Life Activist To Court”

  1. Kathy Offerman says :

    Hi, thank you for this post. I can assure you that the sidewalk is on PUBLIC property. I know this man personally and have been to that location. PP recently put up that fence and posted a no trespassing sign but the problem is that they did it on public property and they lost that fight. The private property starts at the front door. I guess that the only thing they could do was to get their buddy Holder to do this since they failed at keeping people off of public property through DC courts. Public property and 1st amendment means nothing to the DoJ. PP is just mad that this man has cost them money with the babies he has saved from their clutches by doing this. These people aren’t pro”choice” since they can’t stand other choices being offered. This man is very soft spoken and shows great caring for the women and the babies that they are carrying.

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