Allen West Supports Boehner Plan

…at least that’s what The Weekly Standard is reporting, based on a Jamie Dupree tweet.

As Fred Barnes writes, it’s not clear that there are enough Republican votes for John Boehner’s new debt ceiling plan. But the speaker got a big boost on his right flank today from Congressman Allen West (R, Fla.). Jamie Dupree reports that West, an outspoken conservative and Tea Party favorite, is supporting Boehner’s plan.

That will make it a LOT harder for GOP Congresscritters to vote against it, since Allen West is regarded very highly by most Tea Party folks. Of course, some of them probably will anyway–the GOP doesn’t march in lockstep–but in so doing they’ll open themselves up to the charge of being on the opposite side of this issue from one of the most influential of the GOP freshman Congresscritters.


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