Wu Refuses To Resign

And the parallels between Wugate and Weinergate start…

WASHINGTON – Defiant and dug in, Rep. David Wu said late Sunday that he would not resign, declaring instead that he will complete his term and then retire from Congress in 2012.

Isn’t that what A. Weiner said early on in his scandal, too?

Oh, Pelosi is apparently trying to look like she’s doing something:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi immediately called for an ethics investigation into Wu’s encounter with the daughter of a longtime friend and campaign donor in California during a visit over Thanksgiving.

“I call on the Ethics Committee to initiate an investigation into the allegations against Congressman Wu,” she said in a statement. “With deep disappointment and sadness about this situation, I hope that the Ethics Committee will take up this matter.”

She said she would send a letter to the Ethics Committee today asking for a formal review.

The catch, however, is that an Ethics Committee review will allow Democrats to say, “Look, we’re doing something” while nothing likely is to happen… after all, they only censured Charlie Rangel, and still hasn’t touched Maxine Waters’ case. It’s the House version of “voting present.”


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