WH Press Secretary Asked Where Obama’s Plan Is

When the Washington press corps starts to turn against a sitting Democrat President, you know he’s in deep you-know-what:

Chip Reid is the first to ask Carney about Obama’s plan: “Why not put it out there?” Reid also asks: “What was the point of giving a prime time address to the nation without an Obama plan?”

Next, Chuck Todd doubles down on Reid’s challenge and causes Carney to stutter a bit. After Todd’s feisty challenges, a reporter named Carol triples down on the press’s “show us the plan” challenge to Carney and Obama. The scene is ugly and unpleasant–if you’re on Team Obama.

After all the hemming and hawing from Carney over Obama’s so-called plan, we learn that he really doesn’t have one “because,” Carney said,” we want a result.” Go figure.

(Video at the link above… since I did such a big excerpt, the least I can do is give Townhall the hits for the video.)

Apparently no one in the White House understands that in order to get “a result” it’s very helpful to have a plan. Results do sometimes happen without plans, but they’re rarely what people expect or want… and as the previous item indicates, Obama may be presented with a fait accompli by Messieurs Boehner and Reid that may not be to his liking.


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