All These People Support Boehner’s Plan

See how many “real conservatives” you see in this list from the American Spectator (I’ve cleaned up the formatting a little and added the link to John Bolton myself):

  • The Wall Street Journal editorial page (Republicans who oppose Boehner’s debt deal are playing into Obama’s hands.)
  • National Review as an institution.
  • John Bolton
  • Fred Thompson
  • Douglas Holtz-Eakin
  • Americans for Tax Reform
  • Yuval Levin
  • James Capretta
  • Rep. Paul Ryan
  • James Pethokoukis
  • Mark Thiessen
  • Brit Hume (Hard-liners rejecting Boehner “are playing with fire,” could “blow it” by not supporting Boehner, will likely end up with “far less than they will get with Boehner.”)
  • George Will
  • Rep. Allen West
  • Rep. Eric Cantor
  • Townhall’s Guy Benson
  • Matthew Continetti
  • Charles Krauthammer (it would be “suicidal” for Repubs to kill Boehner plan)
  • Laura Ingraham
  • Haley Barbour
  • William Kristol (To vote against John Boehner on the House floor this week in the biggest showdown of the current Congress is to choose to vote with Nancy Pelosi. To vote against Boehner is to choose to support Barack Obama. It is to choose to increase the chances that worse legislation than Boehner’s passes. And it is to choose to increase the chances that Obama emerges from this showdown politically stronger.)

We can add to that list the following:

There’s a lot of real strong conservative names in that list, including the man who came up with the “Ryan Plan” and Tea Party favorite Allen West. You gonna tell these guys that they’re RINOs?


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