Boehner’s Plan Passes House

Step One, completed (emphasis in original):

The House approved legislation on Friday by Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, to reduce the deficit by $915 billion over 10 years and increase the federal debt ceiling by $900 billion. The bill would allow for an additional $1.5 trillion increase in the debt ceiling early next year contingent on two outcomes: Congress enacting further deficit reductions and a balanced budget amendment sent to the states.

The latter condition was added after GOP leaders failed to secure enough votes for passage on Thursday. The language was added to appease hold-out fiscal conservatives. The speaker’s proposal passed on a party line vote, 218-210.

Of course, Reid says it’s DOA in the Senate, but that’s not a lock yet, I don’t think. The Dems have already voted down one bill that would have raised the debt limit, do they really want to be on record as voting down two? And just before an election year? I wonder if they’d be that politically stupid.


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5 responses to “Boehner’s Plan Passes House”

  1. FDLeyda says :

    If debt ceiling is not raised Hospitals and Rest Homes will close due to lack of Medicare & Medicaid payments

    • Conservative Wanderer says :

      Not necessarily, sorry.

      There will still be money coming into the system, just not enough to keep up the bloated spending Obama and the Democrats have ramped up to. Therefore, it will be up to the Treasury Department–which is part of the Executive Branch, led by one Barack Obama–to decide what projects get funded and which don’t.

      Therefore, if Medicare and Medicaid payments get cut, it will be because Obama and Tim Geithner decided to cut those payments.

  2. FDLeyda says :

    Hospitals & Rest Homes will close. Absolutely !
    Who do you think will not get paid ?

    • Conservative Wanderer says :

      And on what do you base that “absolutely!”?

      There are a number of things that could easily be cut without affecting Medicare or Medicaid. Let’s see… they could cut funding for NASA, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Department of Education, or just about any other “discretionary” program and not have to touch Medicare or Medicaid at all.

      If you want to continue the debate, I am more than willing, but you’re gonna have to come up with some good hard facts or logic showing why the Obama Administration would step on such a political landmine as closing hospitals or nursing homes. As I said, the GOP has already passed two plans to fix this problem, and the Democrats have said no to one and are threatening to do the same to the second… that puts the bad consequences squarely in their laps, whether they want it or not. I really can’t see them being that politically suicidal.

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