Debt-Ceiling Hike Looks Likely To Pass

The Hill has the report:

The debt-limit deal announced on Sunday night is expected to attract more than 60 votes in the Senate, but its outlook in the House is much more cloudy.

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will need Democratic votes to clear the bill through the lower chamber. How many remains unclear. A total of 216 lawmakers must vote in favor of the package for it to clear the House, and Boehner will need to rely on members from both parties. While some members are still undecided, many members on both sides of the aisle late on Monday said they would back the bill.

The Hill has a list of those that are leaning one way or another, and those still undecided, that they’re updating from time to time. As of right now, they’re listing 66 likely or sure yeas and 38 likely or sure nays, with the rest undecided… if the rest break about like the way these have, it should pass, but that’s far from certain right now.


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