Tennessee Democrat Needs To Find A Sense Of Humor

Maybe he could take some of his legislator’s salary and buy one, because he sure doesn’t have one now.

KNOXVILLE – Breath mints packaged in a tin can poking fun at President Barack Obama have been pulled from the shelves at the University of Tennessee bookstore after local legislator Joe Armstrong told store officials he was offended by the mints.

Armstrong, D-Knoxville, said he got a call from a student who had seen the satirical mints in the bookstore and was bothered by the depiction of the president.

The tin can reads: “This is change? Disappointmints.”

Armstrong followed up Tuesday with a visit to the bookstore, located in the basement of the University Center, where he talked to director David Kent.

Someone better tell Armstrong that lefty magazine/website The Nation also sells “Disappointmints.”

Of course, there are also Bush “National Embarrassmints” in a very similar can… can anyone find Armstrong or any other lefty expressing problems with stores carrying those? In fact, let’s make it a challenge… I’m not as rich as Breitbart, but I’ll send a $5 Amazon giftcard to anyone who can provide proof of any lefty complaining about the National Embarrassmints. Make sure you use a valid email address in your comment, cause that’s where I’ll send the giftcard to.


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