WI Senator Johnson Introduces Regulation Moratorium Bill

Now there’s a Senator with a good idea:

Today Senator Ron Johnson (WI) introduced S. 1438, the Regulation Moratorium and Job Preservation Act. The bill calls for a moratorium on burdensome federal regulations until the national unemployment rate falls to 7.7 percent – below where it was when President Obama was sworn into office.

Johnson’s comments on the bill and the reason for it:

“According to the White House, we’re now into the third year of the Obama ‘recovery.’ But job growth is anemic, and companies are still laying off workers. You would think that Washington would be focused on job creation. Instead, the White House is intent on adding new layers of job-killing regulation.

“With unemployment at 9.2 percent, and employers nationwide fearful about the Obama agenda, regulators should take a pause. The EPA’s Boiler MACT rule for example, would cost as much as $20.7 billion, and risk 338,000 jobs.  There’s no reason for the EPA to go forward with such a costly new rule when the economy is in terrible shape. My legislation gives workers and employers a break.”

There are already 19 cosponsors… check the link above to see if your Senators are listed, and if not, call them and tell them to sponsor or support it. You can find your Senators and their phone numbers here.


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