ACORN Fined Max In Nevada Case

Admittedly, in the big picture, it’s just a slap on the wrist, but at least it’s something:

A judge Wednesday slapped the defunct grass-roots community organizing group ACORN with a maximum $5,000 fine for its role in a voter registration compensation scheme in the 2008 election cycle.

District Judge Donald Mosley was confined by statute to only fine the corporation, which pleaded guilty in April to one count of felony compensation for registration of voters.

Mosley said if there was an individual standing before him, and not a corporation, that person would have been given a 10-year prison sentence, “And I wouldn’t have thought twice about it.”

The judge chastised the now-bankrupt corporation for making a “mockery” of the nation’s election process. “This isn’t a banana republic,” Mosley said.

The state will have a difficult time recouping the fine. When the national organization closed its doors in April 2010, the group had assets totaling less than $4,000 and “liabilities of more than $4 million,” according to court records.

Of course, as has been reported here before, ACORN is still getting federal dollars, so perhaps Nevada can get some of that fine after all.

The fact that they’re still around, of course, emphasize the importance of all conservatives voting in November 2012… we need to make the Republican candidate’s margin of victory larger than the margin of fraud likely to be perpetuated by ACORN and other lefty voter-fraud machines… unless you want another 4 years of Obama.

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