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Waterloo Showdown: Bachmann and Perry

Turns out two of the top candidates are going to be speaking to the same crowd in Waterloo, Iowa on Sunday.

Making a play to defend her home turf in a state that’s a must-win for her, Rep. Michele Bachmann will return to Waterloo on Sunday to speak at the same event where Texas Gov. Rick Perry is set to make his Iowa debut.

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Rick Perry Admits He’ll Announce On Saturday

The feline is well and truly out of the burlap now:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry will make “a definitive announcement that he is in the 2012 race for the presidency Saturday,” aides told Fox News.

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The Final Three Super-Commissioners

Nancy Pelosi has named the final 3 super-commissioners:

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi announced on Twitter that she has selected James Clyburn of South Carolina, Xavier Becerra of California, and Chris van Hollen of Maryland to serve on the joint select committee on deficit reduction (aka the supercommittee).

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