The Final Three Super-Commissioners

Nancy Pelosi has named the final 3 super-commissioners:

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi announced on Twitter that she has selected James Clyburn of South Carolina, Xavier Becerra of California, and Chris van Hollen of Maryland to serve on the joint select committee on deficit reduction (aka the supercommittee).

Once again, as we did for the other two batches of commissioners (here and here), let’s look at the ACU ratings of these 3.

  • Clyburn has a 2010 ACU rating of 0.00, and lifetime of 8.23
  • Becerra’s 2010 rating is also 0.00, and lifetime rating is 2.96
  • Van Hollen’s 2010 is yet again 0.00, and his lifetime rating is an even more dismal 2.50

In short, these three are exactly what we’d expect from such a lefty as Nancy Pelosi.


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