Waterloo Showdown: Bachmann and Perry

Turns out two of the top candidates are going to be speaking to the same crowd in Waterloo, Iowa on Sunday.

Making a play to defend her home turf in a state that’s a must-win for her, Rep. Michele Bachmann will return to Waterloo on Sunday to speak at the same event where Texas Gov. Rick Perry is set to make his Iowa debut.

The timing of Bachmann’s announcement is somewhat interesting, though…

Organizers of the event told the Iowa Republican, a conservative blog based in the Hawkeye State, that all of the potential candidates were invited. But Bachmann confirmed her attendance only after it was announced that Perry was going.

In other words, it appears that if Perry hadn’t decided to stop there, Bachmann probably would have skipped it as well. That looks an awful lot like a defensive move to me.


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