Cantor’s Very Bad Advice

If true (and I have no access to the original documents in question), this has made me lose a lot of respect for Eric Cantor (emphasis added):

Because Congress (or rather, the Democratic Senate) has not approved a 2012 budget, they will have to pass another continuing resolution before Sept. 30 to keep the government running. Cantor’s memo is a fairly straightforward indication that GOP leadership does not wish to go through a repeat of the “government shutdown” debate that played out in the spring. He simply suggests that House Republicans stick to the spending levels called for in the recent debt-ceiling deal, as opposed to trying to push for deeper cuts.

Uh, excuse me, Mr. Cantor? Not push for more cuts?

This is the perfect time to push for more cuts, when more and more people are getting the idea that our current fiscal insanity just can’t continue for much longer. We have the Democrats over a barrel with the possibility of cuts that would include their precious ObamaCare, and other entitlement programs! Why would Mr. Cantor not want to push for deeper cuts?

Cantor needs to clarify this, or better yet pull that recommendation back, right away.

H/T Freedom Line Blog


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