Former AmEx CEO Responds To Buffet’s “Tax Me” Plea

And he doesn’t pull many punches.

Over the years, I have paid a significant portion of my income to the various federal, state and local jurisdictions in which I have lived, and I deeply resent that President Obama has decided that I don’t need all the money I’ve not paid in taxes over the years, or that I should leave less for my children and grandchildren and give more to him to spend as he thinks fit. I also resent that Warren Buffett and others who have created massive wealth for themselves think I’m “coddled” because they believe they should pay more in taxes. I certainly don’t feel “coddled” because these various governments have not imposed a higher income tax. After all, I did earn it.

Of course, according to the Obamacrats, he didn’t earn it, he stole it from the little people, but most of them haven’t worked a day in the private sector, so they have no idea how wealth is actually created or earned.

As for people who want to pay more, well, there’s an answer to that:

Others could pay higher taxes if they choose. They could voluntarily write a check or they could advocate that their gifts to foundations should be made with after-tax dollars and not be deductible. They could also pay higher taxes if they were not allowed to set up foundations to avoid capital gains and estate taxes.

Indeed. Has Mr. Buffet done any of those things? Can anyone provide any evidence that he has?

And he winds up with a bang… the last 3 paragraphs are wonderful, but I’ll just post the last one here.

Here’s my message: Before you “ask” for more tax money from me and others, raise the $2.2 trillion you already collect each year more fairly and spend it more wisely. Then you’ll need less of my money.

The one problem I have with that statement is that to an Obamacrat, “more fairly” means “more from the people who actually create jobs” and not what Mr. Golub means.


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