Pataki To Run?

Maybe the RINOs and self-anointed betters in the GOP will have their candidate soon:

Former New York Gov. George Pataki, who is considering a bid for the Republican presidential nomination, will speak this Saturday at a Polk County Republican fundraiser in Des Moines.

Iowans are buzzing over whether he could use the event to declare his intentions.

“Strong chance he will announce, I believe,” organizer Darrell Kearney told the Register tonight.

This is the man that the New York Times lauds for:

…protecting wilderness, adding riverside parks, creating coalitions for cleaner air and alternative fuels and, most recently, announcing the fulfillment of his pledge to add one million acres of land to the public estate.


Mr. Pataki expanded Child Health Plus and created Family Health Plus, important entitlement programs offering care for many who could not otherwise afford it.

He also doesn’t seem to have been much of a fiscal hawk:

New York State’s budget has almost doubled on his watch, from about $62 billion in 1995 to over $114 billion this year. Long-term debt has almost doubled as well, soaring to $50 billion, and budget gaps of $3 billion to $4 billion a year could confront the next governor.

In short, a tree-hugging, entitlement-expanding, big-spending former governor. Just the candidate for RINOs to rally around.


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