Perry May Not–Or May–Attend Tomorrow’s Debate

I guess it depends on how things are going in Texas, but so far today we’ve had two conflicting statements about whether or not Governor Perry will make it to the debate.

First, Perry himself says that he may not be able to make it:

Presidential candidate and Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he does not yet know whether he will attend Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate.

Perry took a detour from campaigning Monday to return to his state to oversee relief efforts in the wake of devastating wildfires.

“I don’t know. That’s a fluid situation at the moment. Again I go back to we’re going to be taking care of the folks here … We’re really focused on the events at hand and the other side of that is we’re pretty good at multitasking,” said Perry on CBS’s “The Early Show” Tuesday.

And just recently, a “Perry spokesman” said that yes, the Governor plans to attend:

A spokesman for Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he plans to attend the GOP presidential debate tomorrow.

Mark Miner, Perry’s spokesman, just said so in a one-line e-mail to USA TODAY’s Jackie Kucinich.

“Plans to attend” is still not a carved-in-stone RSVP. I suspect that it really depends on how conditions are on the ground in the areas of the wildfires.

Any candidate–or supporter–who wants to denigrate Governor Perry for doing his job, however, risk looking very, very small and petty. I suspect if he isn’t there tomorrow nite, none of the candidates will touch the line, with one possible exception, who seems to love to spew outrageous statements every chance he gets… you can probably figure out who I mean.


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