Even Lefty Kevin Drum Agrees: High-Speed Rail Is A Boondoggle

When even a Mother Jones author writes this:

Look, I’m sorry, HSR [High Speed Rail] lovers. I love me some HSR, too, but this project is just a fantastic boondoggle. It didn’t even make sense with the original cost estimates, and it’s now plain that it’s going to cost three or four times more than that. What’s more, the ridership estimates are still fantasies, and it won’t be able to compete with air travel without large, permanent subsidies. This is just too much money to spend on something this dumb. It’s the kind of thing that could set back HSR for decades. Sacramento needs to pull the plug on this, and they need to pull it now. We have way better uses for this dough.

…you know the times, they are a-changin’.

Look, I love rail travel too. I’ve taken several train trips around the Pacific Northwest on Amtrak, and overall was happy with the experience (yes, some things could have been better, but compared with the cattle cars that are modern airplanes, being able to get out of your seat and actually walk somewhere… like to the lounge car or the dining car… is quite nice). However, I don’t like the idea of throwing good money after bad, and high speed rail looks like precisely that.

Kudos to Kevin Drum for admitting it. There may be hope for him yet.


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