Conservative Republican Takes Advantage Of Obama Delay, Names His Own Bill “American Jobs Act”

Gotta love it. Since President Obama hasn’t yet–nearly a week after his address to both houses of Congress–delivered the text of his “American Jobs Act,” Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) decides to name his own bill the American Jobs Act.

The American Jobs Act introduced in the House of Representatives looks quite different from the version President Obama outlined in his speech to Congress. Instead of hiking taxes on working Americans to pay for another stimulus, Rep. Louie Gohmert’s (R-TX) legislation offers a tax cut.

It’s actually perfectly legal, as far as I can tell… if Obama had, you know, actually offered a bill instead of a lot of fluff in the last week, Gohmert couldn’t have used the same name for his bill. However, since Obama, as usual, is voting present (i.e. not offering any actual bill), Gohmert decided to grab the well-publicized name for his own bill.

There is, however, some danger here. If the bill gets passed, and if the President signs it (unlikely, but possible), and if the tax cuts do result in lower unemployment (quite likely), it’s possible that Obama could try to take credit for it for himself… and there’s probably quite a few non-political-wonks out there that would give Obama credit without actually looking into it.

Still, gotta give Gohmert credit for a good idea and good timing… and chutzpah, too!


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