Government Shouldn’t Pick Energy Winners And Losers

And now, something that might surprise some of you:

The NAT GAS Act would offer tax subsidies of up to $7,500 for standard passenger cars and $64,000 for large trucks that are capable of using natural gas. On top of this, gas stations that install natural gas pumps could be eligible for credits as high as $100,000.

Billionaire energy tycoon T. Boone Pickens has been pushing the legislation hard, and it’s no surprise that the bill’s co-sponsors are heavily concentrated in states with large natural gas reserves such as Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. The bill’s lead sponsor is Oklahoma Republican Rep. John Sullivan.

Now, the surprise.

I don’t like this bill.

A later paragraph from the same article explains:

To be clear, the important issue raised by this proposal isn’t whether to be on the side of one industry or another. The salient point is that big government should be fought in all its forms. Sometimes it’s about opposing massive government spending, but other times it’s about exposing attempts to lard up the tax code with special interest carve outs.

It’s also about making up and coming technologies fight their way into the marketplace, the way the earlier technologies did… a level playing field, in other words.

If we’re going to oppose big government and special interests–and I do–then let’s at least be consistent.


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