Cain Blames Protesters For Lack Of Employment

Herman Cain just demonstrated the time-honored political tradition of “open mouth, insert foot.

“Don’t blame Wall Street, don’t blame the big banks, if you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself!” Cain said. “It is not a person’s fault because they succeeded, it is a person’s fault if they failed. And so this is why I don’t understand these demonstrations and what is it that they’re looking for.”

Cain has, at most, half a point here. Yes, a person bears some responsibility for getting himself or herself a job. I’ve been unemployed myself, and I can tell you, I have yet to have a job land in my lap without my having to do anything.

However, this fails, and fails very badly, when Cain forgets that thanks to Obamanomics, there aren’t a whole lot of jobs out there to find in the first place. One can hardly be blamed for not finding what doesn’t exist, after all, and if we accept for the sake of the argument that at least some of the protesters have actually been busting their buns to find a job, it’s not really their fault if the jobs just aren’t there because businesses aren’t hiring thanks to Obama’s policies.

It also makes a really bad soundbite, and one that the Democrats are certain to use against Cain if he becomes the nominee, and it’s likely to turn off a lot of independents. If Cain had a background in politics he might have known better (Joe Biden proves that it’s not automatic), so this appears to be a case where Cain’s lack of political experience is a bad thing instead of the good thing his supporters insist it is.

Sometimes, Mr. Cain, it’s better to keep your mouth shut.


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