Electable? Which Mitt Is Electable?

HotAir reports that the DNC has opened a new website called WhichMitt.com, showcasing Mitt Romney’s many flip-flops on policy. They worry about the hypocrisy of Obama backers complaining about someone else flip-flopping, which is a valid point.

However, this also strikes at the heart of the “support Mitt because he’s electable” argument.

To be perfectly blunt about it, websites like this one, and ads comparing Obama to Mitt are highly likely to be a large part of the general election campaign if Mitt is the nominee. Such attacks would be very hard for Mitt to defend against, and could quite possibly turn off enough people to ensure Obama’s re-election. After all, if they’re both flip-floppers and have similar policies (RomneyCare/ObamaCare, anyone?) why not vote for the original rather than the wanna-be?

In this election, we need to follow Barry Goldwater’s advice, and offer a choice, not an echo. Romney is just a pale echo of Obama, so we don’t want to try to run him against Obama.


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