Associated Press Trashes A Third Obama Speech

This is getting to be a habit

It’s a startling statistic on the state of American schools: An estimated 280,000 teaching and other education jobs could be lost in the coming year, according to the White House.

As the Senate prepares for a showdown vote on the jobs bill Tuesday, President Barack Obama is promising to not only save the education jobs at risk, but to support a total of 400,000 education jobs by actions such as rehiring teachers already laid off.

In estimating the potential number of jobs that could be lost and how many his plan could save, the White House makes giant leaps. A look at the claims and how they compare with the facts:

(emphasis added)

Read the whole thing for the details.

Of course, this raises the question I raised last time… is the AP really turning on Obama, or are they just trying to look conservative before propagandizing for Obama again next year? Only time will tell.


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