Cain Ramping Up Campaign

Speaking of Herman Cain, looks like he’s ready to kick his campaign into high gear.

Seizing modest momentum in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, businessman Herman Cain promised to invest in additional staff and campaign more aggressively in New Hampshire and Iowa.

“We have run this very lean by design. We are now going to ramp up,” he told reporters near the New Hampshire State House Wednesday afternoon. “We now have the money to do so. I didn’t want to get out in front and commit to spending a whole lot of money before I knew that the American people were going to say, ‘You know what? This long shot may not be such a long shot.'”

Some folks are wondering why he’s spending money in the Romney stronghold of New Hampshire, but I think I might see why… first, he was making these comments in New Hampshire, and that’s not a good location to say or even intimate that you won’t be spending money in their state. Second, New Hampshire and Iowa are still the first two states to pick their delegates, so it makes logical sense to focus on those two states at the beginning of the campaign. He doesn’t have to win New Hampshire, as I said, it’s a Romney stronghold, but if he can do well he can convince more people that, as he says, “[t]his long shot may not be such a long shot.”


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