The Future Under ObamaCare – Bureaucrats Demanding Families Buy Specific Coverage

Some may say it’s not fair to extrapolate from one story, but the pro-ObamaCare folks do it all the time, so turnabout is fair play:

Lauren and Nick Destito had a wonderful life in Plainville. They paid their bills and raised two sons in a lovely four-bedroom colonial that they were just eight years away from owning outright.

But the economy collapsed in 2008 and soon crushed the small tree and landscaping business the couple had run since 1984.

Now, the state of Massachusetts is grinding the Destitos into the dirt. The reason: the health insurance the Destitos bought, paid $750 monthly premiums on and repeatedly used at doctor visits apparently does not pass muster with the state’s mandatory universal health insurance law. Now the Destitos, both 50 and already on the brink of financial ruin, are facing a $3,000 state fine.

Note: The Destitos have health insurance. It just doesn’t fit what the nanny-state bureaucrats think is appropriate, so they’re slapped with a fine, on top of what they already pay for their insurance.

And when they try to appeal, they get the third degree about things that shouldn’t be any of the state’s business:

Because, [Hearing Officer Irene] Herman explained, the state must establish if her family could afford other, better insurance, and that affordability is determined “not, unfortunately, from your perspective but from the state agency’s view.”

In other words, the state decides how much health insurance you can afford — not you.

After that stunner, Herman asked Destito detailed questions about her income and expenses right down to costs of clothing, heat, food, phones. She also said the state would need documentation on her mortgage and medical bill arrears as well as what her insurance does and does not covers.

“This is outrageous,” [State Representative Dan] Winslow interjected. “Bankruptcy isn’t enough? Unemployment isn’t enough? Buying insurance isn’t enough when it’s bought from a licensed broker in Massachusetts? They should go after the broker, not the people.”

This is the future under ObamaCare, because ObamaCare also sets what coverage people must have, just like RomneyCare does… which should be no surprise, since several people who helped draft RomneyCare also consulted on ObamaCare.

Any Romney supporter wanna try to defend this?


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